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Progressive Resources

Get informed with these recommended books, movies and videos, news and commentary sources, blogs and online magazines, and progressive infrastructure organizations.




Barnes, Peter Capitalism 3.0: A Guide to Reclaiming the Commons

Brock, David The Republican Noise Machine: Right-Wing Media and How It Corrupts Democracy

Brown, Lester Plan B 3.0: Mobilizing to Save Civilization, Third Edition

Callahan, David The Cheating Culture

De Zengotita, Thomas Mediated: How the Media Shapes Your World and the Way You Live in It

Frank, Thomas The Wrecking Crew: How Conservatives Rule

Friedman, Thomas L. The World Is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century

Gore, Al The Assault on Reason

Hawken, Paul Blessed Unrest: How the Largest Social Movement in History is Restoring Grace

Heifetz, Ronald A. Leadership without Easy Answers

Homer-Dixon, Thomas The Upside of Down

Kelly, Eamonn Powerful Times

Klein, Naomi The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism

Liu, Eric and Hanauer, Nick The True Patriot (Seattle: Sasquatch Books, 2007)

McKibben, Bill Deep Economy: The Wealth of Communities and the Durable Future

McKibben, Bill The End of Nature

Moyer, Bill (NOT Moyers), JoAnn McAllilster, Mary Lou Finley, Steve Soifer Doing Democracy

Pollan, Michael The Omnivore’s Dilemma

Sirota, David The Uprising

Ward, Peter D. Under a Green Sky: Global Warming, the Mass Extinctions of the Past, and What They Can Tell Us about Our Future (NY: Collins, 2007)

Westen, Drew The Political Brain


Reviews of books


Firedog Lake's Book Salon


Movies and Videos


This Brave Nation - documentary series featuring progressive activists talking about their views of the positive options for the future

Planet Green section of the Discovery Channel; an example of their offerings is Greensburg (a town wiped out by a tornado in 2007 that decided to rebuild completely green)

Good Night and Good Luck - broadcast journalist looks to bring down Senator Joseph McCarthy

Brave New Films (Robert Greenwald et al) – a source of many progressive documentary movies and opinion videos, long and short, on a variety of topics. Examples are Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism, Uncovered:The War on Iraq, and Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price.

Ironweed Films - a subscription film club for progressive documentary films on a wide range of topics



News and Commentary Sources


Air America Radio



Common Dreams

Mother Jones

OpEd News


Pro Publica

Rachel’s Democracy and Health News

Real Clear Politics - includes links to many polls

Tom Paine

Truthout - news and progressive commentary

Washington Independent



Blogs and Online Magazines


Black Commentator

Brad Blog

Daily Kos


Fire Dog Lake

Huffington Post

Left Coaster

Liberal Oasis


Open Left


Seeing the Forest

Smirking Chimp

Talking Points Memo

Uncommon Denominator (the Commonweal Institute blog)

Yurica Report

Progressive Infrastructure Organizations


Alliance for Justice

Campaign for America's Future

Center for American Progress

Free Press

Media Matters for America

On the Commons

Progressive Communicators Network

Progressive States Network

Campaign for America’s Future

Progressive Community (former Rockridge Institute staff)

Political Research Associates

Rocky Mountain Institute